Our reservoir

At Thorpland Manor Barns we have our own fishing reservoir comprising two and a half acres of water.

It is well stocked with Common Carp, Mirror Carp, Ghost Carp, Rudd and Roach.

Fishing is FREE to all people who are staying at Thorpland Manor Barns.

Reservoir rules

1) Parking restricted to designated area.
2) No Night Fishing.
3) No Carp to be retained.
4) No rods to be left unattended.
5) Maximum of 3 rods.
6) Barbless or Micro barb hooks only.
7) No Litter to be left anywhere.
8) No Guests allowed.
9) Please use the Log Book every visit.
10) Fishing Permits to be carried at all times.
11) No boats of any discription to be used.
12) No Fires or Barbecues.
13) No cutting of bankside vegetation.
14) Unhooking mat, plus container of water to be used.
15) No alcohol on site.
16) No swimming allowed.
17) Rules subject to change at managements discretion.